About HRSG

The Hillingdon Refugee Support Group (“HRSG”) is a registered charity and Limited Company established in 1996 with charitable objects of welcoming and providing care and practical support to young unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees aged 16-21 years in the London Borough of Hillingdon. The beneficiaries are all looked after unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers aged 16-21 who have come to Britain seeking refuge/asylum. All will be separated from their families and a significant number will have experienced childhood trauma and have lived in areas of conflict. This includes those who have independent minors.

The Company is registered as Hillingdon Refugee Support Organisation (“HRSO”) however continues to trade as HRSG.

Mission Statement:

To bring, hope, dignity, and empowerment to unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers aged 16-21 in Hillingdon. To work with individuals regardless of background, providing a welcome reception and both care and practical support in order to enhance their quality of life.

The Objects of the Charity are:

To advance education and relieve financial hardship amongst those seeking asylum and those granted refugee status, primarily young people aged 16 – 21 residing in the London Borough of Hillingdon, in particular by the provision of:

a) food, clothing, basic living equipment, advice and support services; and

b) facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation with the object of improving their conditions where they have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances:

With a view to advancing them in life and to assist them to adapt within a new community.

It also provides educational and recreational activities to enhance their quality of life and integration into the local community and strives to raise awareness in the wider community to ensure a positive presentation of asylum seekers and refugees.